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On the occasion of the October Pink campaign, the teams at CROSS, WIDE, and albert have decided to create the Pink Race sports challenge. The goal of this operation? Cover as many kilometers as possible to raise funds to fight breast cancer.

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Breast cancer league

The Cancer League supports, advises, and informs individuals affected by the disease and their loved ones to overcome all phases of the illness. It is committed to targeted efforts in cancer prevention and early detection and encourages independent cancer research.

,Just steps away from you the Geneva Cancer League organizes numerous events to inform, gather, and share. Its goal? Reduce risk factors that predispose to the development of the disease. Support research, support the League.

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6500 and 50

Women and men affected every year


in Switzerland

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women



Mammography is the main method of breast cancer screening for women aged 50 and over


4 out of 5

Of those affected are over 50 at the time of diagnosis



Is the annual number of deaths from breast cancer



Of those affected are still living 5 years after diagnosis

Breast cancer

Prevention & Screening

Breast cancer can affect ALL women, whatever their age, ethnic group or physical health. Every year, the number of women dying from breast cancer is falling thanks to prevention which limits the risks through early detection. Early detection of the disease increases the chances of recovery.
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